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printing basic theory knowledge

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printing basic theory knowledge
Printing basic theory, four-color printing and network description
four-color printing:
RGB primary colors as long as the collision can generate far more than in proportion to millions of colors. What do black Why? For, RGB can produce equal proportion of black, but to three kinds of ink to produce a color, from an economic point of view does not work . The fact that in the design process is very much the use of black, which in fact is why it will be four-color printing. more thing: RGB-generated black and deployment directly obtained by ink than black, the former has a kinds of superficial sense, which felt more pragmatic
With four-color principle much easier to accept everyone. It is equivalent to the output of the four films, which are equivalent to the channels in PHOTOSHOP cyan, magenta, yellow, black (C, M, Y, K) four channels. we deal with the channel when the image changes, the change is actually on the film
Mesh \ network \ net angle \ flat screen and hanging net. Mesh: per square inch, the network put the number of common print head with 175 newspapers with 60 mesh to 100 mesh range, depending on the paper may be. Special printing a special mesh, depending on the texture may be.
Network: sub-rounded. Ellipse. Diamond. Square. Diamond-shaped. FM outlets and so on. The figure is composed by a circular network.
Screen angle: The most closely linked to the network formed by the angle between the horizontal angle of a straight line. The picture above shows 45 degrees
Flat Screen: entire film is a regular network and the distribution of the same size as the average, like a plane, there is no sense of depth. The figure is a flat screen
Linked network: network of unequal size, mesh layering, as shown net angle of 60 degrees)
What should be done prior to film output
File format
Most centers are output grid by Founder Century RIP (pspnt) output system, and HQ510, Israel's Scitex, Heidelberg and other typesetting output system. All support postscrit printer description file. Is called the suffix. Ps file
Other common RIP can directly output file formats are: s2, s72, ps2 (Founder), EPS, TIF, PDF and so on.
At present, more widespread use of design software: photoshop, pagemaker, coreldraw, illustrator, etc., can generate a virtual printer through postscrip PS file or PDF file, and as Founder, Invensys, soar and some other software generated s2 Founder , ps2, ps file, can also be output directly in the Founder RIP century, but other systems do not support output. There are other things like word, wps2000 and some other word processing software, can also be generated through the posts cript virtual printer ps file. In fact, such as make-up should be carried out pre-press output, jacketed quasi-regulatory lines, cutting lines, and some processing, and word, wps2000 and other software in this regard can be said to do nothing, especially color draft, once done, go to the late processing, will bring in great difficulties. So, try to use pagemaker and a series of professional design, typesetting software
Picture format and accuracy
Are used in modern offset printing offset printing (four-color overprint), that is, a color image into four colors: Green (C), chemicals (M), yellow (Y), black (B) four-color dot film, and then drying into the PS version, after four offset printing, color printing came out is finished.
Printing pictures is different from the normal computer display with pictures, images must be CMYK mode, RGB mode display can not be used or other mode. When the picture is converted to the output network, which is the precision: dpi, image printing to achieve the theoretical accuracy of the minimum 300dpi / pixel / inch, and there we often see beautiful pictures on the computer, the monitor feels very nice, in fact, 72dpi in RGB mode most of the pictures, most of them can not be used for printing. Images can not be used to display the subject, not because the picture after acdsee or other software to see very beautiful, very beautiful enlarged to think that as printing, be sure to go through photoshop open, with an image size to confirm its real accuracy.
For example: an image resolution is 600 * 600dpi / pixel / inch, then it is now more than doubled in size can be enlarged to use no problem. If the resolution is 300 * 300dpi, then it can only be reduced or the original large, can not bring it to enlarge. If the image resolution is 72 * 72dpi / pixels / inch, then it must be scaled down, (dpi precision becomes relatively large), until the resolution becomes 300 * 300dpi, before use. (When using this function within the photoshop image size option in the "re-definition of pixel" A set to None.)
Common image formats: TIF, JPG, PCD, PSD, PCX, EPS, GIF, BMP, etc., so the manuscript, TIF color, black and white bitmap, EPS vector or JPG
Images color
On the printing on the overlay, overprint, hollowed out, the color and some other technical terms, we can access some of the relevant basic knowledge of printing, there is only common sense to say something to note.
Emptied: Yellow floor there is a line in blue on the pressure, then the yellow version of the film on location in blue must be empty. Conversely Blue Edition versa. Otherwise, something blue printed directly on the yellow, the color changed and the words would have turned green blue
Red and black on the floor there is a line pressure of the word, then the red version of the film, the black characters location should not be emptied. Any color can be suppressed by the black, hence black emptied the contents, especially some smaller text, printing a slight margin of error will lead to reveal the white side, and black and white contrast and large, it is easy to see
Four-color black: This is also the more common problems. Must be checked before publication output black text documents, especially small print, is not only on the blackboard, and in the other three should not appear on the color version. If, as now, then print out the finished product quality will play a discount, RGB graphics into CMYK graphics, black text will certainly become a four-color black. Unless special specified, otherwise it must be to handle it, can output film.
Photo RGB mode:
RGB mode image output, RIP systems typically will automatically be converted to CMYK mode output. But the color quality will be greatly reduced, the printed product color light, not bright, the effect is very bad. Best picture in photoshop to convert it to CMYK mode, if the scanning of articles, you must also pass the school colors of this procedure, images can use.
Accuracy of film hanging net
Linked network called the hanging mesh accuracy of the general, the higher the accuracy of hanging nets, printed materials more attractive, but with paper, ink, etc. have a greater relationship. If you are in the general newsprint (newspaper) printed on high mesh hanging pictures, the picture will not only become more attractive, it will become a mass of paste (terrible), so look out before you printed matter What is paper, and then hanging on the accuracy of the decision. The most commonly of paper and hanging mesh precision: imports of coated paper or stickers and other :175-200 Jin Koujiao line :150-175 line version of paper offset paper ordinary newsprint line :133-150 :100-120 line to such a push, the worse the quality of the paper, the lower hanging mesh.
Prepress output, you must pay attention to the question:
1) using more commonly used when making design software, such as pagemaker, etc., do not like the word so far as possible.
2) the text must be CMYK mode image mode, the precision of at least 300 * 300dpi / pixels / inch.
3) check the publication text is four-color word, if it is, to read color 100% black.
4) such as the use pagemaker, Invensys, Founder, Illustrator, image files must be linked together and the original file copy.
5)photoshop file is best for the psd (not merged layers) of documents to facilitate change.
6)fonts as far as possible common font, such as Founder, Wen Ding. Try not to use unusual fonts. Such as have been used, coreldraw and Illustrator converts the text first curve (outline) mode, you can avoid the center of the absence of such output can not output the font problem. Make word documents, if any, must be copied to make the word file.
7)clear divisions of the finished printed material output center size, print volume, printing paper, so as to facilitate make-up and the hanging net.
8)such as the two are identical, only the black text of the different (often encountered), then only the first page of the output CMYK four-color, and color to the second page of the K, so waste, and money. If only two colors (such as red and black) and printing requirements are not high, just one color edition at the same time its output does not need to be divided into two color output. What you can when dealing with the printing plate save money too.
Angle mesh points:  Green: 15 degrees Red: 75 Yellow: 90 Black: 45 degrees
General network is arranged in neat idea, so the application would have angle points, such as monochrome printing, the screen angle is used more than 45 degrees, which is printed on this point of view of the network, for the most visually comfortable and less aware of the existence of outlets, while the effect caused by continuous gray tone. For more than two-color or two-color printing, we have to pay attention to the angle combination of the two networks, pattern or unnecessary, that the "moire" (Moier). Usually the angle difference between the two networks would not have hit 30 degrees network, it is generally two-color printing, the main color or dark in 45 degrees, 75 degrees with light those three colors were used 45 degrees, 75 degrees, three 15 degree angle, if it is full-color printing with four colors were red 75 degrees, 90 degrees yellow, green and black 45 degrees to 15 degrees. These do not necessarily limit the angle is different according to the needs for change.
What is Posts cript?
Posts cript is designed for printing graphics and text designed a programming language that has nothing to do with the print media, whether you are on paper, film, print, or in the screen display is suitable. It is a page description language, with language similar to HTML. Postscript by Adobe, proposed in 1985, first used in the Apple LaserWriter printer. Posts cript The main objective is to provide a device-independent images can be easily described in the language. Device-independent means, without the help of any specific device features (eg, printer resolution) to describe an image, and thus does not require any modifications to this description can be used in other Po sts cript print on your printer.Posts cript as a language, they have a set of syntax and format requirements, if you are interested in this area, please visit the company's Web site A dobe http://www.adobe.com/, Adobe company has a very comprehensive informationpostscript files are stored in text mode, and HTML files similar. That you only use WordPad to open a PostSc ript file can be seen in Figure 1. Posts cript file itself only with the Posts cript language description to display or print the image What are the characteristics, parameters, display or print Posts cript file, then Posts cript interpreter to explain the implementation of the specific print or display, be the desired image. Figure 2 is Figure 1 Posts cript file in Posts cript file reader display. You can see through the interpretation of Posts cript files show, get a color page.Compared with other file formats, Posts cript files have many advantages mentioned above, independent of the device is one very important point. Posts cript file also has an independent operating system platform in the * benefits. Because many Unix graphical environment itself put on PostScri pt support as part of the core, so whether you are using a Windows * operating system, or Unix * operating system, can read and print the P osts cript file, so the exchange up to more convenient. Since Posts cript stored as text files, so the file is relatively small, suitable for Internet transmission. There is Posts cript equipment (printers, monitors) to print and display in a unique position to achieve the best results.
Posts cript documents generated in several ways:
You can refer to the Posts cript language format, according to their needs directly with a text editor to write a Posts cript file, of course, if the file is complex, then the workload is not smaller, and have familiar PostS cript syntax;
2) You can use a dedicated Posts cript file or some text editing software, image editing software provides the functionality to generate Posts cript files;
3) there is a most simple way is in your operating system * Add a Posts cript printer (virtual), and then in a text editor or graphical editor, the images you need the printer through the Posts cript printing to another file, the resulting file is Posts cript file
Experience in prepress production output
• The font used in the document to confirm whether the output center, or need to carry.
• graphics memory should check whether the CMYK color mode mode to avoid color bias.
• check the link before the output file, subject to change to change the link information in a timely manner.
• graphic image stored as a large amount of EPS format, not to Include halftone storage options and Include ... options, if put it into PageMaker, and rotation should be cut after the implantation.
• graphics such as TIFF format, delete unnecessary before storage channel, path, storage is not recommended for the LZW compression format.
• The TIFF format graphics large format documents into PAGEMAKER, easy to produce tensile deformation, should be stored as EPS or DCS format.
• C Edition Pageaker 6.5C download Chinese fonts, easy to throw words, symbols, movements, and characters with teeth. PageMaker into EPS format in the rotation is easily lost, rotated into PageMaker software.
• ageMaker in effect in the text do not use bold and underline effects. PC-input text into PageMaker space should be deleted, or easily garbled. PC versions of fonts are the problem, instead, the text is easy to produce post moves, is lost. Prompt output in the center of the output, using the font version number.
• ageMaker the trapping options need to be cautious, please watch the results indicate.
• CoreIDraw 8.0 can not use the font Times New Roman, bold, italics, etc. Chinese Windows system fonts do not print when you print the file information.
• 46 meter four treasures of Chinese version of the output section, the word will appear before the symbol.
• CORELDRA the PSD format image output speed very slow, in some versions with the channel or turn will cause the image defects, should be turned into a bitmap.
• CORELDRAW Do not use a paragraph in the text, the text into art, or converted to curves.
• CORELDRAW, you can use the software included with the shading, patterns, to fill, or as a base map; use Please note: 1, select the appropriate accuracy, usually 1.5-2.0 times the number of output lines, such as the accuracy is too low will influence diagram of the precision, high speed will affect the output. 2, the selected base map should be noted that the property is CMYK mode, generally filling the base map shading to RGB mode, should be turned into four-color mode.
• Joint use of CORELDRAW version, to improve the speed (output) If the file is bigger, more joint version of the graphics, the best version of the base map will be several small combined into one, reducing the amount of information documents to improve the output speed , note that the text should not turn into a bitmap (especially small print) as text into a bitmap will affect the accuracy of the text.
• ILLUSTRATOR, FREEHAND, the white filling and the lines need to check the properties OVERPRINT option to avoid loss.
• ILLUSTRATOR file secondary color gradient separation should be interpreted in the note, please suggest the output center.
• If using EPS DCS1.0 2.0 format or PS IMAGE format of the output center tips.
• Gradient effects of processing on the desktop is not ideal, is best in the production of the filters in PHOTOSHOP noise Canada 3-4.
• Founder WITS in the use of publishing software, please note: comes with the font in the WITS There are several fonts in the output center can not Fapai: Amber Song 2 super thick black crude in the fourth round Choi Sung Han Dynasty Song Ping Heishou gold body Daily News Mou Huangcao long white Japanese 1 Japanese 2 Japanese Sports
• prompt output when the output is a deeper center of a large area of the color gradient (red, yellow, black).
• If using CoreIDraw, Freehand, ILLUSTRATOR and other vector graphics editing software, fonts, without effects processing, recommendations into the curve or path, it will ensure that the font foolproof. (Note: If you turn into the path or curve, it may produce aliasing on the screen, but does not affect the output.)
Printing process
Refers to the work of the early pre-press printing, generally refers to photography, design, production, publishing, the film, etc.;
Indian middle finger printing work, the finished product through the process of printing presses;
India refers to the work of the late printing, generally refers to post-print processing, including cutting, laminating, die cutting, paste bags, mounting, and many more classes and wrapper classes for promotional print.
Printing elements.
Paper: Paper category number, generally divided into coated paper, uncoated paper. Generally refers to coated paper coated paper (light bronze) and matte paper (matt copper), used for color printing; non-coated paper generally refers to offset paper, newsprint, used for letterheads, envelopes and newspaper printing.
Color: General print is from yellow, magenta, blue, black four-color imprint, in addition to spot color printing.
Post processing: post processing includes many techniques, such as gold foil, from the convex and so help to improve print quality.
Print Categories
The Ultimate Products
Office: Items of stationery, envelopes, business forms and other printed materials and office-related.
Publicity: Items of posters, leaflets, manuals and a series of products, advertising or product promotion and business-related printed materials.
Production class: refers to the packaging, adhesive labels and other products in large quantities directly related with the production of printed materials.
Classification of the printing press
Offset printing: refers to offset printing, four-color paper used for printing.
Gravure: refers to intaglio (usually steel plate) printing, used for plastic printing.
Flexo printing: refers to the version with flexible materials (usually resin version, etc.), used for label printing.
Screen Printing: You can print in a variety of materials, and more for gifts and printing.
Classified by material
Paper printing: The most commonly used printing.
Plastic printing: packaging bags used for printing.
Special Materials: Printing of glass, metal, wood and other printing.
Appropriate and reasonable selection and use of paper for publications to ensure quality and reduce the cost of publications are of great significance. As the publishing and printing industry in materials management personnel, not only the various departments according to the publication of annual and quarterly plans, pre-select the desired varieties and specifications of the paper, but according to published plans to accurately calculate the amount required for a variety of paper. Also be able to coordinate and guide the officer reasonably printing paper in order to reduce paper consumption and increase economic efficiency.
Paper selection
Including the selection of varieties of paper used, size and quality grade, and several other areas, not only focus on one aspect while ignoring other aspects.
Variety in the choice of the paper, the main desire to be printed according to the characteristics of print and the printing press used by the type of selection. Color cover books in print, illustration or advertising inserts, can use double-sided coated paper or offset paper; print trademarks, and other printed materials can be used single-sided or single sided coated adhesive tape; printed dictionaries, manuals and other tools book to use a dictionary letterpress paper or thin paper; print books can be used generally offset or letterpress printing paper book paper. The same general books in print, if you want to use the rotary press roll should be chosen (except platform wheel printer), if the scheme is required in the general platform selection plate printing paper; if the offset printing should be used in offset printing on paper, If you choose to print letterpress letterpress printing presses printing paper on it.
Many different types of printed matter, according to the specific characteristics of a variety of printed paper used to select the varieties.
Specifications on the choice of paper, books and papers relating to the open method, it is necessary to open the general law books and paper are described with the usual format.
Paper production sector according to national standards for the production of paper called the full paper, put a piece of paper cut or folded into a fully open area equal to the number of Xiao Zhang, the number of open call number, and bound, is the number format. A variety of format specifications, there are uniform standards, so out of the books published throughout the country, the same specifications are the same size
Since a variety of paper sizes like format, while the number of both open cut folded into the same, its not the same size specifications, set into a book, such as the number format to inaccurate collectively referred to as a. China currently 787 * 1092 (mm) as the standard sheets of paper, printed in 32 use it to open the book, called 32 mo. If 850 * 1168 (mm) sheet of paper to be printed 32 to open the book, due to large sheets of paper than the standard format, it is to crown a "big" word, known as the big 32 format
Began under the direction of the length of the knife to open Act 2 of the geometric series is the basic open method commonly used to open the direct method. In accordance with the geometric progression of 2 open cut, you can also start in the width direction of the knife, which is the so-called cross open method. Open method uses very little cross, only some of the covers, inserts and special print paper, the use of such open method.
For publication in the special needs, and sometimes non-geometric progression of the deformity format, such as the 12 open, 18 open, 20 open, 24 open, 28 open, 36 open and so on. Folio is not abnormal folding machines, cutting and also more trouble, when you use manual binding, prone to error, so the general books, especially books printed more generally little used. Non-geometric progression of the deformity open method, there are three open method, five open method, seven open method. With the same number and open method to open the books printing and binding, format it with the size and area of the paper size selection varies, so great attention to selection of the paper when the paper specifications. Generally speaking, the more authoritative works of literature or celebrities, often using 850 * 1168 (mm) of the large-size paper, general fiction and other books for the most common use of 787 * 1092 (mm) of the standard paper. There is also a more common international standard 880 * 1230 (mm), China has formally included in the national standards. In the choice of paper size, in addition to paper format should pay attention to size, but also to select the appropriate quantification. Generally meet the requirements of the printing and the use of the premise, should try to choose the paper quantitatively smaller, thus reducing the cost of publication. Among the varieties and specifications on paper selected after very careful selection of paper but also the quality and grade. In other words, be familiar with the characteristics of the various paper mills and the quality of various products, state, and at any time to understand and master the changes.
Paper in the selected varieties, specifications, manufacturers and quality level is determined, we must pay attention in the publishing and printing process is best to use a manufacturer of products in the same period to print the same book. Otherwise, the production of different manufacturers at different times of the same species tend to have quite different color of paper, printed books will make happen, "sandwich" phenomenon
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