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PET packaging beer industry continue rise

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PET packaging beer industry continue rise
France Sidel [Sidel] Group Material Quality Engineer MarcAury held recently in the European beverage industry technology fair (BrauBeviale) forecast that the beer industry will continue to increase PET packaging.
Aury said, Sidel Group's rapid growth in PET beer packaging, this year will continue to increase the development of the beer market.
Last year, the world's sidewall by Sidel Group, Actis coating technology to produce the 500mlPET has reached one billion bottles of beer. But the bottle of beer packaging still occupy the mainstream market, accounting for 65% of global market share.
Sidel said, PET bottles than glass bottles biggest advantage is light weight. The group is expected by 2012, global consumption of PET bottled beer will maintain 11% average annual growth rate; from 2012 to 2016, is expected to maintain average annual growth rate of 15%.
Aury said the group PET bottles sold in 2010 increased significantly compared with 2009.
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